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Verified Translators
Award Name Description
German Translator German Translator Verified German Translator
Turkish Translator Turkish Translator Verified Turkish Translator
Russian Translator Russian Translator Verified Russian Translator
Chinese Translator Chinese Translator Verified Chinese Translator
Arabic Translator Arabic Translator Verified Arabic Translator
Indonesian Translator Indonesian Translator Verified Indonesian Translator

Coinstalks Awards
Award Name Description Request
Donator Donator donate $10+ ETH to forum
Translator Translator translators who verified by Editors. Request
Member of the Month Member of the Month won a member of the month contest.
Trusted Trusted only trustworthy Coinstalks members will receive this award. At least 20 trust
Seller Seller person who made at least 5 sales on the forum Request
Developer Developer a proven software developer Request
Investor Investor has at least $5,000 in personal crypto wallet Request
Lottery Winner Lottery Winner won the lottery in forum
Forum Lover Forum Lover has at least 20 referrals
Protector Protector report at least 50 spam posts to receive this award.
Pro Gamer Pro Gamer became the champion at the end of the month in at least 2 games
Community Manager Community Manager community Manager who verified by Editors.
Gambler Gambler bet lover
Forum Cop Forum Cop Forum Polices