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what is favorite coins

what is favorite coins at the moment all friends , please share here i needs reccomendations  .so far i likes doge and XRP because doge the price still stable and good in hold for long term ,and XRP the price is potential in future .
I guess you mean that we should share our favorite coins. Presently I prefer Digitalbit (XBD). The coin has been doing great since the time of release. It is presently trading on IDEX, BILAXY and some other exchange.
My favorite coin is ETH because it value on all markets even more sure to come ETH it will still be existing but to others coin they may not exist again.
I like Ethereum, as it is multifunctional, and the commission on its withdrawal is much less than bitcoin
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All time favorite coin is ethereum but presently I like XDB, Digitalbits.

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