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trading strategy & perfomance

lets to see the trading strategy exprience hope it usefull to all friends here , follow this

  1. you have a good plan strategy
  2. build your trading likes in business , this is make the think we need to work
  3. always to manage the capital gain , and must to protect
  4. always analysis the market , and follow the chart
  5. dont panic in every moment
  6. if you succes to gain the profit , know when closed your trading
  7. always positive for all the moment
You have got a good list if strategies for trading here, it is just that dome times even after doing all that you still end up loosing. We just need to be careful.
This is a good strategies it will really help us when trading not be be selfish and to study the market movement and when to trade also.
We have seen so many write up on trading strategies but most times it doesn't work out perfectly. We just need to be calm.
Yes that is right, we must make trading like business.
So we can control our emotion, because you always thinking to not waste your money. Also you will to be detail when predict the price.
Some good strategies there. I think my personal is first hoard as much as I can and then sell it when the time is right. I don;t have long term goal with the trading. And the thing about the trading is that we can't really be sure about the trading with bitcoin up and down there.
So cryptocurrency trading it's very hard to go without knowledge so to go first a workshop in trade how to do that way. There are many videos on how to do trading but it's a basic only not be logic at actual trade..

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