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security tips

i will present the security tips to all friend here hope this is usefull for all here lets to follow
  • first think you need 2fa if you want to register in  exchange please add 2fa for secure protection
  • and then before come to login on exchange make sure the site ,or you need to bookmark
  • dont create same paswood in more platform , you need idea to create different paswood
  • use metamask if you want to trade tokens in decentralized, likes forkdelta or other
  • save your private key in paper .
  • change daily every month your paswood 
Thanks for the update it will help to prevent from losing our assets and to trade successful. We must all be careful and vigilant then secure.
People need to learn from these because many people are loosing their coin to scammers through exchanges. Be careful.
Thank you for your advice.
The big problem is when we lost access to our email. So i give some advice to use different password in every account. Yes maybe complicated, you can do make 3 password. 1 for email, 1 for wallet and exchanges, 1 for sites you don't know

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