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ready to mining or no at the moment

i want to ask with all friend did you was make try to mining at the moment or still not try , i think in last year demand in mining so profitable but at the moment not heard more about the mining , can all friend give the reason about it
It because must developer of mining tools are more than before, some do it because of their own profit, that why people did not participate in mining again.
People are still mining. In fact, the reason why your transaction is going through it is that we still have miners.
If miner's don't do mining transection will stay incomplete. So we mining I am interested to do this
For mining this year i think not profitable if you mining Bitcoin. But if you mining altcoin especially for new coin, there is a chance get some profit. Because for new coin, the price can really high in the opening market.
I dont have any form of resources for the mining. And I personally prefer not to mine at all. I don't know but mining can be pretty dangerous for wallet. Because you tend to burn a lot of money. And the worst case scenario is that we have no power to undo as well.
No,i am not ready to mine at this moment and i want my bitcoin to hold and wait for bull run. Bitcoin mine in our country is illegal and also risky at the same time too.

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