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interval of Post on forum

did all friend was know how much time for intervall of post on forum coinstalk , i think need explain for this so we can create a post manage as well for future on this forum .
I think all that depends on the rank of each member in the forum. Want I mean is that it varies by rank. But I guess is few seconds.
I don't think their any interval of post on forum u can post any time and also create more post. The more you post the more your rank moves.
While I have not seen any restrictions on this forum, therefore you can write to the best of their strength.
i think you have to wait for about 3 seconds as a newbie but i don't know of other ranks. I have been asked to wait for 3 seconds before making another post.
I also don't know exactly. But in my case, I have to wait over 50 sec maybe
I don't know but it's good for me I can think for what is next
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