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if a get bugs on the forum will can earn rewards

today i will ask and make discuss if we can get bugs on the forum will can earn rewards , i think this is make all user in this forum happy to participate and need more user for review about find a bugs on this forum .
hopefully we can find a bugs to give performance of this forum for better in future.
It is good to have different way of earning on the forum but we should not forget that it is not easy for someone to be paying for everything done on the forum. We just need campaigns to earn more.
I don't really support bug because not all members know much about bug, but it will be good and easy if the forum brings bounty campaigns so that we can all participate and earn reward
Now bug is very big problem but we can prevent it if bug occurred here I hope admin will consider it
Hmm bug problem its various kinds from cooperation and next moments
Corporation the situation and next moments later when the many interested
I hopeful on any move to language of essential to grammar

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