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how to work in crypto

do you know all we can work in crypto , sounds great if we can work in crypto i think all people suprised about it , yeah in crypto we can work bro and we can getting earning fantastic but you have a good skill for work in crypto , because in crypto needs a proffesional player for work i will share more jobs in crypto :
  • Developers
  • content writer , content manager
  • global manager
  • community manager
  • Owner
  • Designer
  • Advisor
  • UI /UX Designer
and more crypto jobs , but you need have skilll if you want to apply for work in crypto .
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Thanks for the update, please how can I learn the skill if i want to apply for work in crypto . Is there any site where I can learn it.
You are right for one thing and that is the fact that everyone needs skills to work in the crypto space. You can get one or two skills if you want to work in crypto space.
There are many types to work in cryptocurrency first are bounty campaign , investment to any crypto , trading platform , hodling token or coin.
Before work on crypto you need to learn about crypto then you will understand automatically
To get Jobs in crypto there are a few things which can help you.
1st Understand blockchain and decentralize tech and values
2nd Contribute to anyway in which you can to ecosystem
Thanks for the idea.
Currently i working as developer and freelance, i am lucky can get my money with cryptocurrency.
Sometimes i get it with Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.
For me personally I think content writer and community manager seems like a good option for the work. I have my share of the good experience working as content writer and also promoter of forums. I know many people would love to do that work. Apart from that I think developer job also sounds good.
Anyone can work in Crypto and for this they need to have some basic knowledge about Crypto and there are always liked reading gambling paper posts tasks to get Crypto

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