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Everyone who are new to this forum should must know that,you cannot post anything doing copy paste. If the moderators find out about copy and pasting then you will be banned. So please be aware of it or else you will be banned.
Copy and paste is a crime. Everybody should know that you can not copy others post. If you do copy and paste you may be banned. So everybody should remember it
Copy paste is a very bad job. Those who have no idea about cryptocurrency do this kind of work and scammers also do this kind of work. And there is no penalty for this work, anyone who does this kind of work will be given a bend. This is a criminal act,So we will stay away from such work.
Copy- post is a big crime. Because, some user don't think  any subject, then they are doing this work. Those who do this work, their account will be banned. Everyone remember it.

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