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Will bitcoin ever become physical?

If cyrpto currencies become really big and bitcoin is the lead crypto, will a physical coin ever me manufactured
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I don't think this will ever be physical. Except, it’s not a coin, it’s a piece of paper (with 12 words on it, which correspond to a wallet “master key” - everything needed to access some BTC on the Bitcoin network - if I were to give this paper to somebody, and they know I don’t have copies, that’s practically like giving them Bitcoin).
It is a digital currency, you don't expect to have a digital currency in the form of physical coin, that will be impossible.
Don't think so, because it a digital coin and it most use online
It will in the near future but this will take more decades. We all need governments, big companies to accept cryptocurrency to attain that mass adoption that we envision.
bitcoin never be a physical coin. if they become a physical who is who made it? if anything, it would require a large manufacturing cost
I suppose it could never have happened, but we can only dream about it
I am not expecting bitcoin to be physical money because it is a digital currency. It is mearnt to be use on digital medium except the unexpected happened.

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