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Will China accept Bitcoin in the future?

What do you think? Do you think China will accept Bitcoin for the payment method of their country ever? I think China is passing a crucial stage in terms of finance and international politics, So China is not thinking at this moment for BTC. What is your opinion?
They may bring their own cryptocurrency, but that will fail. Bitcoin price changes every time so the buyer and seller will get problems. If Bitcoin had a stable price, then most countries will come forward according to my belief, but Govt wants taxes on money movement.
China is one of the developed and big country they have many companies and provides jobs for people, I don't think China can accept bitcoin in the future.
Yes they will. They don't really hate Bitcoin, they support the blockchain tech and they even make a digital currency called DCEP. China is a big part of the booming cryptocurrency, we need China to be positive about Bitcoin for the price to be stable.
In my personal opinion, China will create their own cryptocurrency in the near future. As we know, China is a bit limited county, that's why government want to do everything private (like social media, cryptocurrency etc.)
For my opinion, yes in the near future this is start of the digital coins era.
(11-29-2019, 12:18 AM)waser88 Wrote: -..-

Afaik. When China decided to banning a product. Usually, their decision is final. They usually avoid to applied this quote "lick their own split".  Additional information, China will create their own official cryptocurrency version (Hyperlink text).

Current trade war will be act as a booster for them. Problem is, are crypto communities willing to accept their official crypto?
I just hope this quote doesn't apply.
Quote:God created 10% of life in this world. The other 90% is made in China.
Of course, yes, China is one of the fastest growing countries in the Asian region. It is much ahead of other countries, I think that the emergence of cryptocurrencies will soon return to normal in Asia. This is a matter of time !!
I think that China accepted the blockchain today, and Bitcoin will accept tomorrow. It will come very soon and then China will accept bitcoin and it will be valuable.
I think chine can give bitcoin later green light and all will be good just trust)

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