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Will BTC down to $6000

As i had been analyzed and see the bitcoin market history is repeating. If we study the charts then we can easily predict that it will go down but History never always repeat. In my honest view, BTC will be down as it was in 2018 but this time it will be its last dump. After this many more projects and awareness is going on peak so this can be examined that in the next year BTC will pump but it will never come below this price which we are getting at this time. 

So we are talking/ BTC will be dump below 6000 dollars very soon. What's your opinion please share !
Don't really sure of that but the way the Market is it may fall down to $6000 but not below it. But next year 2020 the he price will rise.
IMO, $6000 is the least amount that we can see Bitcoin. It wont go down further seeing this year's chart. A bullish year for bitcoin.
Bitcoin can be $10 000 in the next two weeks. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and can not be accurately predicted. Bitcoin has been flat for a while revolving around $6 000 then suddenly to $7 000. However a new trend have started that can last the next 2 to 3 weeks and the values could rise to $10 000. My opinion you never can tell though
It is certain that it will drop to $ 6,000, but for a short period of time. This will be followed by the growth of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, especially before the New Year holiday.

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