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Why is Bitcoin Crashing?

(This post was last modified: 11-25-2019, 08:03 AM by CryptoBerto.)
Because it went up a lot. This is the most reflexive speculative asset you’ll ever met. Very simple explaination. Big Grin How bout you? what do you think?
Let look back to some months ago the price of bitcoin rise up and after a long time of pumping it fall down and crash.
Bitcoin as a coin is having so many challenges from manipulation by whales to opposition of developed countries and many others, I guess it is difficult to point out the reason for the sharp fell in price.
It's not just bitcoin. The whole market going down. Already the market depends on bitcoin. That's why bitcoin's moves are so important. You can see my predictions for the coming days in my previous messages.
It has become a custom for some time now, everyone always watching out for a dump so it is not a new thing any more. I don't think there is any explanation for the crash of bitcoin.

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