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Why i should HODL Bitcoin

Is it still scarce? Yes
Is it better than the scarce/limited alternatives (gold, art...)? Yes.
Is it broken? No
Is it hard to replace? Yes
That's it for me. Just HODLing.
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The primary bull case for bitcoin is based on the virtues of patience. It points to the cryptocurrency’s previous price action as proof that bitcoin’s price will rise again. HODL is the key to succeed.
As have been listed above there are many reasons to HODL on bitcoin, the coin is the most valuable coin in all exchange and HODL is the key to succeed because big profits is waiting for you.
Hodl is advisable for cryptocurrencies price is volatile , saving Bitcoin in the future for someday somehow price will be double or triple.
It will be safe for you if you sell at least half of your Bitcoin. I am not really sure if this rising will continue without correction. The price of Bitcoin is absolutely growing very fast today. If I am a Bitcoin investor, I will trade my Bitcoin. It is the right time to convert half of them to dollars.
It’s all the different in that storing bitcoin is wealth and the more we store bitcoin, the richer it becomes.

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