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Why are people being attracted to cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a popular topic. Not only is this a different monetary policy, but it also frees us from the grip of government. This money is completely free from government control and bank charges. It's faster, more secure, and it can never be stolen or damaged and can be shared at any number.
Easy to use
Easy transection system
Low transection fee
Safe time
Avoid hazards of using card
because for future technology and people know it will global best payment salutation and easy for online gateway
Bitcoin is easy to use, just create wallet then fill the balance with deposit address. Also for speed i think fast.
For daily use you don't need verify any document like bank
I think the reason being people want to be rich quickly. And cryptocurrency investment can give you that option if you time the purchase and sale the right way. I have realized that cryptocurrency can solve those issues pretty clearly.

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