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Which of benefits more?

I have been doing a lot of research on this and I want to share with the forum to get some feedback. Who benefits more from cryptocurrency between developed countries and underdeveloped countries?
Undeveloped countries benefit most from the most cryptocurrency because some of bounty campaign that requires KYC don't accept people from USA and USA is a develop country so they don't benefit from it.
It's sometimes hard to say, because this question has to be discussed with people, who are really into economics. In my opinion, undeveloped countries get more benefits, because in a great deal of huge countries is impossible to take part in airdrops or bounty campaigns.
I believe that the use of cryptocurrency primarily depends on the level of financial development of the state. The more developed the country, the more interested it is in the development of Cryptocurrency operations. In less developed countries, the demand for cryptocurrencies is low.

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