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Which is better?

I really want to know your choice. Some believe that project with low total supply is better than project with huge total supply but to some is the other way round. I for one prefer low supply project because I feel it will not easily get dump. What do you think?
Yes, low supply project is good because there reward will be valuable and the prise on market will benefit the trader but huge supply project are not valuable and the prise will be low.
I prefer low supply coz scarcity means price increase. But the most important to me is the power of the platform itself it has the potential in the future. If the use cases of the project does adopt into blockchain.
the low supply will impact of the value guys , if the project have a good proggess and explain all the feature i think impact of low supply demand will increase but if the team have a good strategy to make suprised the project growth .

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