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What would you have done differently?

Bitcoin is the mother of all coin there is no doubt about that but do you know that dome people still feel that there are some flaws in the creation of bitcoin. If you are satoshi, what would you have done differently about bitcoin. Please I need a technical answer.
Bitcoin is a very good coin considering the fact that it was the first of its kind. Satoshi did a good job. Maybe i would have work more on the transaction speed.
It seems to me that there are no shortcomings in bitcoin, and if people have any problems, then they are to blame for this
i will announce to make a new of innovation about in bitcoin likes in tech or other i think the impact will continous of value bitcoin growth .
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I am not a technical person but I believe sooner or later digital currency will accept everywhere.
I am recoining one the month holo bitcoin app site is tha views
Bitcoin is surely one of the best cryptocurrency and since 2009 bitcoin has become the most popular crypto and also valuable and i hope the price of it will increase in 2020.

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