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What will you do if you have 1 BTC ?

When i entered crypto world it was so easy to earn more cryptocurrency now its bit a hard.
But if i own 1 BTC i would love to start more new small business ventures in crypto currency and i would love to travel at least one country which is cheap to travel 
how about you ?
first i will buy coin whos future is bright then i will trading many exchange site like that binance,ucoin etc some i hold for future because its future is bright...
If I have 1btc I will shave 25% for future and 25%for immediate trading and other business 10% I will give rural people and 10% for old age home and remaining 30% for family and relatives
it's like dream comes true and if I have then I'm using 50% of trading and 50% i want to hold for long
I would probably use it to take a vacation and just take a break from everything. With the remaining money I would invest it in crypto trading
When i get 1 BTC i will sell it first then make my money growing with opening some business. So from that business my profit going to buy Bitcoin again.
It is not a big money to be honest. I personally would spend that money trying to secure myself. Get a bike or start some small business out of that. Because that much amount can't get me home. And I can't get anything big like car with that and feed that car some fuel. So I think starting a business and also I can make use of the amount for saving.
For me if I have that one, I trade more to exchanges there's a possibility to grow . if you know how to do trading. You can buy a car or house for your family. Or invest in the promising new ico platform
I have exchanger issue here too. So I guess I have to spend it on buying items and then sell those items here for sale. I guess that should take care of the 1 BTC output. But personally I feel like 1 BTC would be harder to use in real life. You can spend it on wrong things and waste it away.
Well if i get 1 bitcoin then i would like to use it for trading because there are many profits by trading but trading is not for everyone but it is profitable too

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