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What is the best crypto currency?

I think best crypto currency is Ripple. Because developers always improve the project. I was just wondering what you guys thought on this?
Ethereum is the best!
Of course It's BITCOIN! Others are called altcoins...
There is no doubt that BTC remain no one cryptocurrency.
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for me ethereum is perfect so far and the platform Ethereum is very useful in new project
and ethereum perfect team build and development .

in the value on ethereum we can see the price on coinmarketcap is still increase
I can't say it's the best, but they're on the right road due to trying to make their payments the fastest and least costly.
In my own expectation for the best cryptocurrency no other than Bitcoin still in the top and price volatility.
I am kind of loyal to the bitcoin and the ETH based cryptocurrency. So the coins which are based on the ETH needs to be considered. So it can be something I continue to consider. I have clear approach towards the cryptocurrency and prefer to go with the currency which is better.

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