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What Bitcoin is provided with?

Here I propose to discuss what Bitcoin is provided with, which allows it to stay afloat, grow in value exponentially.

I'll start with what, in my opinion, ensures the life of bitcoin:
1. The simple faith of people in bitcoin - the monopoly of fiat money in the financial system has been holding for a long time.  People are corny seek and want alternatives in means of payment.
2. Anonymity of payments - when transferring rubles from card to card, the bank knows everything about you, as well as government agencies.  And bitcoin allows you to transfer at least millions without the notorious glance of the "big brother".
3. The ability to transfer large amounts without interference - transfer to a friend in country X from country Y a million dollars in half an hour?  Easy!  No paperwork, no questions from the bank.  We wait only for confirmation of the network and the transfer is completed.
Bitcoin should be used in daily life now. Other than that, there won't be a big PUMP.

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