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Was BTC built by one person or a group?

The creator of Bitcoin calls Himself Satoshi nakamoto whom some researchers think that the name is pseudonym (frictional). Now some people think that this Nakamoto could be a group of people not a single person.
Here are my standings
Bitcoin was built by one person for the following reason.
  • The disappearance of a creator, a group of people can not all disappear and once (Die/wherever).

  • The philosophy behind bitcoin

  • There was never a mole.
What are your thoughts about this?
I think there are many people who did this specially because how it works is complicated enough, then what if they revealed us how they made this, its just plain impossible that this is just made by one person.
I think it was build by a group behind a genius person Satoshi Nakamoto. He was the mind behind bitcoin backed by a group. By creating the Bitcoin whitepaper, he created a team called anonymous. Big Grin
Many people come together to make bitcoin to exist, they form a team in support for the coin to be more valuable.
The creators of Bitcoin are not one person, but most likely a group. Satoshi seems to me just a pseudonym. Maybe I'm wrong.
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Yes, there was a group
although not large, but a group with very smart people, since bitcoin is crypto number 1, and you need to think about it now, most still don’t even understand what it is. and how does it work

(11-29-2019, 11:58 AM)Таким образом, Wrote: многие люди собираются вместе, чтобы сделать биткойны существующими, они формируют команду для поддержки монеты, чтобы она была более ценной.
Как вы думаете, может ли биток через 20 лет заменить банковские карты? И как это будет выглядеть, если до сих пор никто не знает его создателя и, соответственно, это будет очень сложно сделать

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