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Wall street cheat sheet in Cryptocurrency

I think Bitcoin perfectly following Wall Street cheat sheet. This might be useful not only for newbies but also for experienced traders. According to this table, Bitcoin will increase in the coming years or months.

If you also have nice cheat sheets, please share them.

[Image: cheat-sheet.png]
It’s really amazing chert. I hope that bitcoin growth up in next month
This is really helping in term of analysis of bitcoin prise to know when it will move up. With this chart it shows that bticoin price can increase anytime from now
And also this is the good one

[Image: ?]
I hope all these chart can work for bitcoin. Hoping for the best.
[Image: D9pZpNOXsAEnZ0g.jpg]
I doubt at the beginning of this year I invested in a crypt for 4 months, but I did not win much as a result. Could vyystyat about 20 bucks in plus. I’m still lucky. My friend has lost much more, we need a clear investment strategy.

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