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Using Btc as a direct payment method!

It is more than clear that using btc brings you immense advantages with regard to freedom and shipping costs, and not only Btc, also Ltc, Eth, DOGE, Bnb, among many others.
And I was able to trade my fiat currencies with Bitcoin and DOGE, in order to buy things (a little ironic).
And acquired few things with bitcoin buying online but it is only an example, with cryptocurrencies you can buy products, rent services, pay for food, travel, hotels, concerts, football or baseball games and countless things.
You have Btc great as it has been since birth. 
Many service platforms provide payments using bitcoin and ethereum, but not all countries allow use of cryptocurrencies, so it is regulations that limit cryptocurrencies for mass adoption.
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They might want to take advantage of Bitcoin' s pseudo-anonymity feature, or appreciate that the transfer fees are significantly less any other online payment system. Someday companies will appreciate bitcoin's use as suitable payment for anything.
It will have been better if someone county are making use of bitcoin as direct payments method there will be transactions between different companies and people in different countries and makes things get better
Of course, I acquire Bitcoin and buy things for it. There are online services that support payment for bitcoin.

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