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Tips How to create MyEtherwallet For All friends

i Want to give tips to all friends if still not understand about creat MyEtherWallet lets to follow the tips ,steps by steps :
  • First you need follow here
  • Make sure you read overall in the tutor above 
  • and then lets start to create in you laptop
  • its very easy friend and the last steps
  •  you need manage your private keys and save on paper
Thanks for sharing us how to create MyEtherWallet, with this it make it easy for us to create our own wallet address.
It is important for everyone to pay close attention to the url so that you don't log in to phishing site. please take note.
It's very important thing for crypto users. At first go and create your account by following instructions
I don't i am to skeptical about using web wallet. For me that is really risky because sometimes website can get hacked. Yes you can get your private key, but you didn't know maybe your private key get exposed.
Thank you so much for your information and also thanks for making it easy to understand and clear for the beginners. I was having problem to create wallet,now i understood.

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