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This forum is better than some bounty campaign

Am very sure this forum is better than some bounty campaign which we participated for almost 5 months and later discovered they are scam no reward just a waste of time.
yaps , first i thank for your advices this forum is cool in my opinion and fast respon from all moderator .
I totally agree with you on that. The forum has been rewarding, kudos to the admin.
I think you are right on that because this forum has been faithful to her promise. We all need to keep supporting the forum.
Yeah I love the design of Coinstalks with a black theme. It's good for the eyes something new and the viewers are very positive about crypto. Keep sharing some good crypto insights.
Yes I also think that bounty is very hurtful and I am thirsty for some different ways
I think that bitcoin and defferant boundruy and also to their help
Yes .... Of course now a days maximum bounty is scam and we don't get profits from bounty
Yeah this forum has many opportunities to earn Crypto and I am very happy to be a part of this community anyone can easily earn Crypto from this community. I hope it will go a long way

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