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The right grammar

I want to encourage us all to try and polish our grammatical expression.
 We need people to start making post with the right grammar. We have so many application that can help us in terms of grammatical expression.
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That is right, thanks for encouraging us, we will all to try and polish our grammatical expression.
thats a goods idea , grammar is very requreid for all post i think the team mods will come and chek every post will create
and mods is very active at the moment .
Grammar is essential for writing and speaking English language without grammar English is useless
Any language of essentialto grammar on language of essential to tha interestedly to tha language
Language is tha moderan since in grammar rul on Sciences now recognize on tha app
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Grammar written statement from cooperation and also said that

Bitcoin price ones that who are interest to tha interestedly
Any language teach is very essential to grammar on language of expected
#9 everyone should follow the right grammar to understand. Because many users here are posting everything with wrong grammar and please be aware of it

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