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The current financial system

From all kinds of problems in the process of commodity exchange in ancient times, everyone thought that there was a need for something that everyone had value for, like gold. Over time, paper currency system was introduced once. Periodically, a bank or banking system is created to handle the financial transactions of an individual or an organization.
I think in order to change the current system we have to think about govt and the banks. And the we have to create some of such with the blockchain. There needs to be more transparency and less chance for security issues. That is what I think needs to be thought about as well.
In every age, the value given to substances and mines has changed. While stone tools were very valuable for human beings during the stone age, copper was the most important mine in the copper age. Although the hot money produced by the central banks seems to be the most valuable, the less-found mines remain valuable. However, as we all know, mining has shifted into the electronic world, the former miners of bitcoin, those holding the money in their hands, are now at the highest level. I will say that this era may end, but in any case, human beings will appreciate some kind of money.

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