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The Future of Top 10 Cryptocurrencies in 2020?

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Hello to everyone,

While I was researching the possible future of Bitcoin and other altcoins, I found this interesting article that I left below. According to the author, Ripple takes the first place, while Bircoin ranks 4th. Do you think Bitcoin, a giant and a father in the crypto world, will fall in fourth place? I'm curious about your views on the position of the other tokens requested in the article in 2020. I'd appreciate it if you could enlighten me.
It something relative to impossible, however the future is unknown. Anything could happen in the crypto space. There are a couple of project that can make the cut with time. An example i Netbox. Netbox is a blockchain based decentralized browser that create a holistic environment for users who are really concerned with their privacy. It has it own native token which is the NBX. Due to this the team has made provision for wallet to support the management of its token. The most interesting part is the browser rewards users with $NBX for their activities. You can find more about them on
I'm not sure. In fact, I believe in the potential of ETH, this is one of the undervalued cryptocurrencies. But XRP will definitely not grow next year. Although maybe I'm wrong.
It is true if they say some altcoins may not survive with current market condition but it doesn't mean all altcoins cannot survive. The valuable and useful coins will always continue to survive. They will improve their selves to be better crypto coins.
I can't say the right way but I think Many coin/token 2020 hoge Moon.i like NRG,XRP,XLM,ETH,LTC,ETN,

What do you think?

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