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The Fate of the Bitcoin Miners in 2140.

At present the total remaining Bitcoin that can be mined is around 3.15 million bitcoins and it is estimated that by 2140 it will have been mined.  So, what happens to the miners if all the Bitcoin has been mined?  Bitmain has spent a lot of money to invest in Bitcoin mining.
Nah for sure all of the forum here is not alive anymore. Yeah it will take 100 more years for Bitcoin to be mined all the remaining 3 million BTC. For me, I'll just past and share bitcoin to my future kids so that the next generation they will benefit Bitcoin. This is the power of Bitcoin.
2140 hmmm, that will be great, I pray we will all witness it and be able to make money. Thanks for the information.
There will be no miners and no one will mine Bitcoin, or rather there will be nothing to mine with, because Bitcoin will not.

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