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Suggestion Add More Sections


we are community needs more section , now i will give suggestion for this forum hope its will iimplementated
  • Tutorials Sections
  • Wallet Sections
  • Members Introduce Sections
  • Local Cryptocurrency Discuss
  • Off Topic Sections
i hope this suggestion will provide benefits and will continue to grow in the forum .  Shy
I am very sure the forum will do something about that. I know everything has to be in steps, the more people we have here the more section that will be created. The forum is doing a great work.
yes that is good if we can give more suggestions i think the forum will be growth keep for support
and give suggestion if have a good idea
Great suggestions. I'm sure Coinstalks will add more categories on the platform in the future. The forum keeps growing everyday. Great to be part on this crypto community.
Great job for for adding more sections this will help to improve the forum and make members more active
yeah please share here for suggestion sections bro , we need more sections for make the forum is better
and make all new user coming here .
Looking at the number of section that we have in this forum, i think the forum need to create more section to give room for more post as the forum develop.

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