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Should bitcoin be limited to 21 million?

I have mixed views on this because most currencies stay stable with some sort of inflation. Quite frankly you shouldn't be inflating by 2% per month as thst a huge market but I don't think anyone would be against an increase for this to be accepted as a currency.

The alternative view is that this is what altcoins are for and most of the people won't see the last block with the initial rewards being taken up but at a point where we're at a low number of bitcoins per block it may come in handy to increase inflation slightly although if it becomes unprofitable to mine it'll be the node owners doing the mining which wouldn't be a bad thing (each node miner with a few chips to mine with like the gekkos side hack makes - id be into that).
I think unlimited distribution devalues the coin. So limited valuation of the coin and supply would always a good thing for coin. That is how the gold managed to stay up and down all these years. I have seen that most of the time 21 mil is good enough for most of the coins in the market.
if the Bitcoin is limited then their will be price hike in the market due to shortage and demand of a trader my opinion is limited amount of btc in the crypto market.same case for all other coins too.

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