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Shopping through Bitcoin.

Do u guys have any plans for spending your bitcoin for shopping ? have u ever used bitcoin for shopping, if yes then plz share your experience & the way how u spend bitcoin, on which platform.

i have spend bitcoin for shopping on amazon. actually its done by third party extension, a user need to add moon wallet extension and then u can shop through your bitcoins on amazon shoppping site.
I would love to shop using Bitcoin that would help the industry. It's easy to access and not to worry on handling the cash again. Someday big companies will start to accept bitcoin as their payment option.
Shopping with bitcoin will have been better it will make o easy for us to buy more things online and I think the price of what we are buying will not be high since bitcoin is a valuable coin
Of course I had spent my bitcoin but that is not often. Maybe it's just a few times I shop using bitcoin, it also only buys credit for my cellphone. In my country shopping using bitcoin is still not allowed
First of all, I would like to earn some bitcoin before spending them(because there is nothing to spend xD). Then I want to buy gifts for my family.
I think that purchases using Bitcoin are now impossible to make. There are already many services that accept bitcoin as payment, but they are few. This makes purchases with bitcoin generally insignificant.
Of course there are and always remain plans. But it is necessary that bitcoins remain a little and for storage.

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