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Scam but profitable

In my little experience as a bounty hunters, there are many times a project has been label to be a scam but turn out to be profitable after all, though it may not last long but at the time of listing on exchange, it was profitable. Do you mind taking part in such project?
Hmmm, yeah but not all scam project are successful. We should be careful.
It may or may not be succesful
i think in bounty hunter the scam project is more and not have value from 2019 experience still more project scam make a bounty campaign i dont know about it .
Well, actually I dont mind the be part ot these kind of project because scam is scam and i cannot get any risks for the tiny possibility for earning.
You can try to risk a couple of dollars. The main thing is not to invest everything, or most of your portfolio
A successful cant be said a scam project. i think you can take it as real.
Nowadays many campaign has been scam so trying to work only signature campaign , if you have a good rank bitcointalk ID.
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Don't waste your valuable time by doing scam bounty be care before start the work

Now a days maximum bounty is scam and legit bounty give us low amount earning

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