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Scam Bounty List

CO-DEX is a scam bounty ? wow thanks for your information , you cool for a find a analysis for a new
bounty in other forum , really appreciate your analysis.
Thank you so much for helping with the information
Thanks for the update. It not easy to participate in a bounty without no reward with all his stress.
It is great to have scam bounty listed on this forum so that it can help us to avoid such bounty.
Hi, It is interesting to see a scam list in this forum.
Anyway, is this thread only created to announce CO-DEX scam or for others as well?
If it will be updated to announce other scams, I think OP needs to modify the content above.
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Yes, this is a scam bounty i have seen. no one join here i suggest.
Are you sure this is a scam Bounty because i,m already participate this bounty and many week working 😥😭
So many time Wasted my this bounty😥😧
I come here for see the scam bounty list thanks all for your analytic information

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