Beautiful people
This post is dedicated to all the haters of Bitcoin in this forum. I have been asking my self what did Bitcoin and the creator of Bitcoin do wrong with them?
The one who invented never came out with his name or asked us to popularize him. He became famous because he did invent something that was meant to help us.
We are innovating, we are creating brilliant product but, it does not mean we degrade the one which started it all.
Why anyone would like to question Bitcoin?
What makes you think it is inferior to what you have invented?
Remember, it is Bitcoin that started the revolution and it is Bitcoin that will change the life for the needy.
I have been asking myself what did the inventor do wrong to be conned and claimed as they never were able to prove it? Cheap stunt!!
Mr Nakamoto(it would be nice that everyone give him/her that respect) invented something, which has changed our live, we should appreciate and love his creation, rather asking everyday who he was? where can we find him? and so on.
I am not a judge here, I am that individual who was no one until this guy invented a product and made me who I am!

Respect Bitcoin and Respect the creator!!!
We never would have been here, If Bitcoin creator NEVER thought about us.