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Rank Explain on coinstalk

RANK Explain on Cointalks
i want explan about rank in cointalks its same with other forum .
  1. Newbie - 30 post
  2. Jr member - 60 post
  3. Members - 200 post
  4. Senior Member - 300 post
  5. Hero Members - 500 post
  6. Legendary - 1000 post
i think need explain and how about the minimum of the raise of post about want to growth the rank , i think this make all community here very happy to heard explain about the rank
Thanks for the update, from 60post upward is member, am I right?
Members olso hard work in tha bitcoin app site on member increase
Is Hard work in grammar with many interested growing number the interest
Thank you so much for your information and I am an you buy in this community and I hope I will do great and also wish that this forum would be known to everyone

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