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Protection against payment fraud

In Bitcoin, it is not at all possible to commit fraud like a conventional currency in banking transactions. That's why bitcoin is much safer. However, once Bitcoin is transferred it cannot be refunded.
In crypto very difficult to scam because crypto is based by blockchain and we can but not write or edit so it's not possible but if you in problem with payment ten company not trusted.
Bitcoin have much feature to minimize the fraud transaction. For example it is can't refundable or cancelled after you click send. Other side their blockchain is strong enough from hacking
I have seen the ether and similar contract based currency to be more suitable for fraud prevention. Because here you have to fulfil the contract before getting paid. I think if people choose to use those cryptocurrency they can get paid without any issues.
We need to be aware of the fraud and also the scams. As everyday the scammers come up with new idea and hack your account. So please be careful of the scams too.
It's never easy to scam or fraud a crypto wallet unless it trader for investors give access of his wallet to any scammer or any I stricktly recommend never ever give access to your ID to anyone.

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