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Platform Education Crypto

do you know about platform education Crypto i think we need more platform education crypto for make our understand about crypto and news update in crypto ,and this very important , and now i will share it platform education crypto for all friend here lets see
  • Coindesk
  • Ledu Platform
  • Cryptopanic
this is my reference if all friend have other , i think share here and make a discuss together here.
Thanks I will visit the listed platform education Crypto to learn more about crypto, this will really helpus to improve.
There are so many platforms that are engaged in educating people about crypto. The list you have here is also good and we can google to get more.
There is many many crypto learning platform now coinstalk is one of them
I learn some knowledge about cryptocurrency in Bitcointalk. Because some senior who experience about cryptocurrency is on there. From there we know basic until their experience. I hope this forum also will growing like Bitcointalk.

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