Everyone and his dog know that the supply of bitcoins is limited to 21M coins, so on purely technical terms (if we discard the fact that not all coins have been mined so far) Bitcoin supply is firmly capped. This is often used to support the claim that Bitcoin is deflationary with the meaning being that its price is set to rise due to this fact

With that said, though, it is also claimed that altcoins are effectively making Bitcoin supply unlimited, i.e. without them Bitcoin price would be higher. In this manner, they are taking value from Bitcoin as if its supply were in fact constantly expanding. Indeed, not all altcoins are born equal and it is not likely either that a multitude of shitcoins out there can make a serious dent in Bitcoin's value, if at all (as most of them are abandoned by now anyway). But there are other, more precious pebbles on that beach

Major altcoins such as Litecoin, Ethereum, BCash, maybe, a couple others are not something to be sneezed at and then discarded as completely inconsequential. It could be said that they are making crypto better known to the wider public and thus contributing to Bitcoin's value as well, so things are more complicated than they first appear to be. So what is your stance on this matter? Would Bitcoin fare better without altcoins sticking around? Are they taking value from Bitcoin at the end of the day?

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