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Every newbies need to learn what it takes to stand out in crypto sphere, doing the following might be of help.
1. Join different social media groups on cryptocurrency.
2. Read different articles on cryptocurrency.
3. Register on different forum to learn from expert.
4.follow up great projects on social media
5. Make a lot of research on good about every aspect of cryptocurrency.
Love this, thanks for the guidance. Keep it up
thats sound good guides for all comers and usefull update , thank you we reallly happy for getting the tutor this
That is great advice for newbies who new in cryptocurrency. Also please beware with fake investment where give you fixed profit, that is scam. I hope newbie can know what scam and not.
Thanks Boss. Really it's great advice.. all newbia should Follow those tips.. I also new so i also follow those tips.
Good tips given by you mate. You describe all the tips and rules for newbie very well. There are lots of scam sites in online . be aware of those site and work on legit sites.
I am new in this forum. So i dont know its rules and regulations. If anybody give me some advice then i will greatful to him
I am a new member here. I don't know much about this forum. But your advice is very useful to me. Thank you

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