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Millions and more transactions in exchanges

I think the fact that an exchange handles millions a day is like joking. How to think that a cryptographic element can be worth more than a physical asset?
We call this evolution and this is what crypto exchanges do today.
Each owner of exchange houses takes the greatest possible advantage:
Records in tax havens
Inflate coins to make a profit
Promotions to attract more capital
Management of hidden commissions
KYC and more excuses
Infinity of details, the project financing mechanism through a token represents the value of the project or that is supposed to be and the amount of scams is worrisome here the exchanges also play. Basically, the reason is that Smart Contracts make code development very simple, allowing the development of these proposals in a very simple way.
Anything else?
Think about it
There are millions and more in transaction many traders trade thier coin per sec. So there are millions of transactions in exchange.

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