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Market Falling Down!

The market is controlled by whales. This situation has been proven once again! I don't know how far down we're going. I hope everything will be back to normal as soon as possible. I lost about $ 5,000.
Do not worry. This won't last long. I think everything will be back to normal position as soon as possible. I hope the bull season will arrive in early 2020.
The market has moved up a little. There's nothing to be afraid of yet.
Some altcoins are able to react unusual. For example; VET is just pumping and dumping simultaneously, just when there crucial indicator to break lower it pumps, you can control when big buyer or seller do their Tricks you are just at their Mercy. Either you join or no.
We can only hope for a better tomorrow in crypto market generally because things are beyond control now.
Yes. Unfortunately the market is going down again. I hope this doesn't take long.
Sadly, the way the Market is falling it can't be predictable when it will rise up
This is actually a very worrying matter for us so hopefully it will be settled soon.
yes this is efect and altcoin its same down i think if you have a fund you need to save , but if you have a coins need patience to hold yea hope end of year will go up.

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