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Low cost transactions

For international currency exchange, there is a transfer fee and in most cases there is a high fee. But in the case of Bitcoin, there are many low-cost transactions. Which is one of the main reasons for popularizing it
For low fess transfer then best is XLM, EOS, and also we can use LTC is good choice for low fess.
The only problem is that when bitcoin network is full of transactions, the fees become really high and they get get up to 20-30$. And that's what's going to happen is everyone would start using bitcoin
For now Bitcoin fees is really high for sending payment. I prefer using altcoin to transfer, for example Litecoin, Dash, Doge, is cheap for transfer fees.
I think if you want low rare for the transactions. Then XLM and EOS seems to be good option as they have low rare. But they may not have high value. So that kind of turns off many people. I personally think XLM is not bad you can definitely invest into the XLM for low cost money movement.

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