Since internet discovery and the anonymity it provided scams started popping everywhere on the web and became something that we are used to and encounter more often than we would notice. with time we became more aware and started watching our step to avoid them as we noticed with soreness that there is nothing one can about it by itself, but here we are, cryptocurrencies got created and spread on the web easing people's life with its smooth and useful features and here we are again riding the same wave the scammer but this time there is big at stake, as this could prevent a whole industry to blossom and reach it real potential. if we look at it having in mind the perspective that crypto is bond with the internet then there will be really big challenge to make this place more secure where even the naive one could carry on with their business. in fact if cryptocurrency would need to attract more people in order to reach mass adoption and maybe become worldwide (while still prioritizing its values in that case decentralization among others), it will be a requirement to have a secure place. but challenges are made to be taken and maybe cryptocurrency will bring solutions for old issue like scams.