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Is there limit in forum reward?

Will the reward for each member on this forum stop increasing when it up to $10 or can we still earn more?
That's I want to ask too. I think no one yet reach that $10 reward. Hope moderator see this and answer this question.
i think there still need more explan about the reward for all the community in here so we can make this forum active
There is no limit to rewards but this a growing forum which I believe will get better with time, we just need to keep supporting the forum.
Thanks for your question. Each user can only participate once.
so only 1 chance for earn 10$ for 1 user , i think this is make fair for all user appreciate for the team .
hope soon will add pay per post
1 post = 0.001 ETH or 1 post = 0.000005 BTC lets make excited
Only interest the see our bitcoin app site is tha views with the pay post
Now bitcoin app present earn best way of tha expected on tha bitcoin app
There is no limits for rewards earning but minimum withdraw limit is 10$

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