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Is bitcoin your first crypto coin?

Though bitcoin is the mother if all cryptocurrency but it will surprise you to know that the first cryptocurrency of some people is not even bitcoin, some people actually started with some other coins like myself. Tell us, is bitcoin your first cryptocurrency?
yea bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency for me receive friend , im received bitcoin from faucet bitcoin freebitcoin in 2017 try to find bitcoin the first of i have coins . find in more faucet
Yes. My first coin and transaction was Bitcoin but at that moment the value was just low. It was came from a mining site before.  I learn that you need to have patience to succeed.
Yes bitcoin is my first crypto coin because of I value but now that it price is falling down. With time it will pump.
My first cryptocurrency was not bitcoin, it was a cryptocurrency - LetsTalkBitcoin (LTBc). I earned it on the forum, listening to podcasts.
Though i knew about bitcoin before any other coin, the first coin i bought was ethereum back then before i later bought some bitcoin.

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