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Important tip for Trading for Beginners

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Majority of investors in crypto who are inexperienced use their emotions as a guideline to trade.

If they see something pumping, instead of waiting for a correction, they will FOMO in.

Remember to control your emotions, and wait for confirmation when trading!
Thank you cap. Actually, you said it right, but that's understandable. You'd better write about patterns or trading bots.
For beginners in trading don't be trade big amount if you are a beginner trade for affordable or acceptable to lose and very important to study first before to invest in trading.
For traders you need to think sticky and do frequently for gathering of experience as a low amount
If you are beginners, don't invest big amount first make trial and error and observe and curious and ask question to the influencer. There are many videos about trading online please watch..
Yes when trading we must not using our emosion because that is will fatal. Like Fomo that is bad idea because you want take a shortcut to get profit. But actually that is only you are too greedy.

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