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Coinstalks provide and manage a secure platform for the cryptocurrency users. In addition, apart from the usual forum logic, some of the site revenues are presented to the users in the form of various awards and contests.

What's the credit system?
Each user earns 1 credit for 1 post in the forum and 2 credits for each topic he/she create to the forum. You will also earn 0.25 credit for the friends you invited. Credits earned in the forum will be used in various fields. To participate in lottery, contests, awards and other events, you must have the specified amounts of credits. In many events, after you join, the amount of credit required to participate will be deleted from your account and won't be returned. Please read the rules carefully before attending events that require credit. Members may send credits to each other, but they are prohibited from selling credits.

How to earn Credit?
You can earn Credit for making posts and for referring other members.
+ 0.03$ per post (must constructive)
+ 0.05$ per topic created
+ 0.0$ per Referral

The conversion rate is as follows:
1 Credit = $1

We provide Exchange to CryptoForumCoin (CFC) for the following;
Bitcoin & Ethereum

What is the minimum amount to withdraw?
10 Credits = $10 

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