Hey everyone I know it's hard to actually just sit and wait for the price to go up and when you are at this phase , there is this very difficult decision to make and that is

* Either keep the Currency or encash *

Right now the price sipked suddenly that was a rare case scenario and something that gave us good signals after a pretty long time (2017 ) , unfortunately after the bull run continued for over a week , price suddenly declined.
It reached way closer to 6k $
But now again we are at 7k $ approx .

The reason of price decline is still unclear but it was hinted that in Germany some major people are against this Currency and actually wanted to ban it.
Since Germany is situated in Europe , many European countries might get influenced and think about adding to their decision.
But nothing was decided and Bitcoins somehow attained a stable state of 7k $

Now if you are feeling sad about not encashing there here are some points for you to feel good about :-

  Major companies are hinting a bull run in near future starting from 22 May

  The average price of Bitcoins is still higher than the past one therefore it's amazing how it has gained that much weight after all this , therefore a spike is inevitable.

  Major exchanges are predicting price as high as 20k $ or even higher , I don't believe in such weird had to achieve assumptions but all we can think of is , even if it does 50% of this , it's going to be fine.

Kudos to everyone who is still holding , trust me when it rises up you guys are going to be proud of the fact that you didn't encashed and stayed put.

This is how a trader should be * Patient * .